Translation of texts

Do you need a text or document translated?

We have professionals and native speakers who are happy to take care of your project and translate to a high quality translation.

  •  Specialized translation
  •  Translation of user’s manuals, product brochures, corporate material.
  •  Legal and legislative translations, including certified translations
  •  Medical and pharmaceutical translations
  •  Translated documents and graphics are saved as is in the original.
  •  Translation your web presentation and other company advertisements

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Ordinary translations

Simple, short text translations with simple doc, odt, etc formatting. We consider simple letters or academic abstracts for studies to be ordinary texts

Economic translation

furthermore, we do translations such as corporate audits, annual accounts.

Translation 1:1

Your translation will be in the same graphic layout as in the original document and in a format of your choice.

Legal translations

Legal translations cover legal documentation and topics, such as contracts, business conditions, etc., these are translations that we encounter on a daily basis. This is the reason why they are also included in our translation services.

Professional translation

We translate with a high level of professionalism. We always stick to the simple rule that we do not offer to do translations of all fields. We only deal with documents whose texts our translators can handle with professionality. Our service mostly focuses on legal, economics, advertising,technology as well as on various other subjects. Contact us to verify if we can handle your translation. You can also arrange a free sample translation which lets you decide whether to use our services or not. Our translators are very professional and precise.

Legal translation

Birth certificates, powers-of- attorney, marriage certificates, death certificates, diplomas, agreements atc.