Translations are often followed by proofreading, the task of which is to check that the text is flawless. We offer proofreading done by native speakers for all the languages. Proofreading for the translations is at a significant discount. JProofreading includes checking spelling, typos and general terminology.

Pre-print proofreading

Do you want to check your flyer, brochure or article, before going to print? CDo you want to have you text without any grammatical errors, typos and formal errors also? PrWe provide professional pre-print proofreading by a native speaker. Pre-print proofreading includes check spelling, typos and stylistic correctness in the document.

Specialized proofreading

For certain types of highly specialized translations we provide professional proofreading by an expert in the field. If you are interested in this kind of proofreading, please contact us. We will contact our proofreader to know if he is available for your job. Specialized Proofreading includes checking the terminology used in the translation.

If you really care for your translation and want to be successful, the translation should go through an experienced proofreader. Your text will not only be flawless, but it will also be more readable and attractive.

Show your foreign partners that your firm has a high level and do not unnecessarily spoil the profile of your company with texts, which contain grammatical and stylistic errors. Do not underestimate the importance of proofreading and show the world that foreign languages are your ally, and not your enemy.

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  •  Specialized Proofreading and proofreading usual texts
  •  Proofreading of speech
  •  Proofreading of presentations
  •  Proofreading Web presentations
  •  Proofreading of catalogs, brochures atc
  •  Proofreading of manuals
  •  And more