Why translations from the Alie Agency?

  •  Our translators are native speakers and have many years experience in the field.
  •  Of course we have specialized translators in various fields.
  •  We comply with given terms and we approach every job with maximum responsibility.
  •  We are flexible and easily adapt to your requirements.
  •  We offer our customers a confidentiality agreement for translated documents.

Our translators

Absolutely fundamental is care about the quality of our translation team.

Associate professionals in many fields, who handle their work responsibly, quickly and to your maximum satisfaction. We know who will be best for your translation and the quality of the translated text will be perfect.


We are dedicated to not only translate in the major languages like English, German or French, but we can translate text into all world languages.

  •  Albanian
  •  English
  •  Arabic
  •  Belarusian
  •  Bosnian
  •  Bulgarian
  •  Czech
  •  Estonian
  •  Finnish
  •  French
  •  Dutch
  •  Croatian
  •  Icelandic
  •  Italian
  •  Japanese
  •  Kazakh
  •  Korean
  •  Lithuanian
  •  Latvian
  •  Hungarian
  •  Macedonian
  •  Mongolian
  •  German
  •  Norwegian
  •  Flemish
  •  Persian
  •  Polish
  •  Portuguese
  •  Romanian
  •  Russian
  •  Greek
  •  Slovak
  •  Serbian
  •  Spanish
  •  Swedish
  •  Turkish
  •  Ukrainian
  •  Vietnamese


Ordinary translations

A wide range of translations that we provide cover all needs of each client.

Specialized translation

  •  Building
  •  Engineering
  •  Economics
  •  Information Technology
  •  Medicine
  •  Pharmacy
  •  Law
  •  Legislation and many others field

Certified translations

Translation of texts

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