How is the price of a translation calculated?

The number of words can be found in MS Word by clicking on the following tool: - the number of words - words.

Are translations paid for before making an order?

No, payment before making the order is not required. After completion and submission of the translation, we will send you an invoice by email or post. But when translation has more than a hundred thousand words we require at least 25% of the price before translation.

How do I transfer text and how do I get it back?

We accept texts for translation by fax, email or by post and you can receive the translation by the same method or method that you require.

How quickly can you translate my text?

For regular texts, we count a daily maximum of about 2000 words.The timetable, which is calculated for the translation process, including graphics, we include the day and enter the day of submission of the translation. Work on weekends or public holidays usually are not counted in the time schedule.

What if I am not satisfied with the translation? Can I reclaim translation?

Reclaims must be within 14 days of the work having been delivered to the customer. After this date, it is assumed that the work is without fault. Reclaimed text is double-checked by another independent translator. In the event that your complaint is justified, we will correct the text and settle on compensation with the client.

Do you have any other questions?

Contact us, we will be glad to answer them.